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 Duty Nav

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PostSubject: Duty Nav   Wed Dec 06, 2006 6:24 am

Post your duty nav tips here.
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PostSubject: A few tips to get us started   Tue Dec 12, 2006 3:39 am

When I dnav, I try to fill up each row with at least one of each colour while still getting the constellations. I find that this helps to clear successive constellations without excessive maneouvering of pieces. Hope this helped. clown
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PostSubject: Re: Duty Nav   Wed Dec 27, 2006 8:56 pm

ok so this is my favorite puzzle right now. Not that anyone really
NEEDS to be good at this one. I know the circular rotational quality
throws people off.

1. Count the bars between the stars so you don't accidently set one
down in the wrong place. If the stars are accross from each other just
think of them that way. and if it helps you can rotate things back to
where you want them between falling stars.

2. When clearing out a wrong star esp. on the bottom level. You want to
put the right color right next to the color you are trying to clear on
the second or third layer. (This is hard to explain I will post a
screenshot of this) It make you less dependant on luck.

3. You do not want to clear things accidentally! This is where I mess
up the most. make sure the stars you want to keep are not lined up to
get cleared accidentally. It is the most crucial to keep the bottom
layer correct.

5. Just say you need a red on the top level. If you put down stars next
to each other you can make a "table" on the second level. that way you
can keep the star on the layer you need it and wait until you have
enought stars to carry it to where it needs to be.

4. When practicing duty nav (or star nav as I like to call it) with the
navy before you set sail check the distance between the isalnds. You
want islands that are farther apart so you can build up steam. It is
like sailing you are probably not going to do as well on the first
couple of leagues so if you want better stats practicing for longer
distances is key.

5. Go as fast as you can! This puzzle measures the number of constellations you clear heavily so no slacking.

6. Do not try to lead and play star nav. This is a bad idea. It is one
of the harder puzzles and requires complete attention. Your crew might
try to say something you you and you will not get the message. I find
this game is the worst for puzzle vision. Only play it when you can
focus on it completely.

7. Playing this well allows you to memorize routes. Then even if you
loose your maps you can still sail between islands. But maps are cheap
so that isn't realld a big perk.

Best of luck.
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PostSubject: Re: Duty Nav   

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Duty Nav
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