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 Solo Commod Running

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PostSubject: Solo Commod Running   Mon Apr 09, 2007 4:16 pm


The easy way to move things. This is for people who are good at the sailing puzzle.

Chart your course, hire jobbers (you will get 3 bots) and stop hiring them.

Put 1 on bilge, 2 on sails and put yourself on sailing.

Break a triple as early as you can, don't build big, triples are fine for this.

Get to full speed and put a bot on carp, get off the sails and
stand in the nest, don't watch Radar - just look for ships turning to
meet you on the edge of your screen. Immediately when you are attacked, turn about
and sail all the way back to the previous league point, the bot on
sails will get you back up to full speed on their own.

Repeat as necessary.

If you are caught - usually you will only get caught in the first
league, while you are building up speed. If this happens, dismiss the
screen, take the nav wheel then go back to sails, don't try to fight,
just sail and move away every turn, the bots will give you 2 moves per
turn and you will make more, this is when you can build bingo/donkeys.
Once your sails are sparkly, put a bot on carp and keep moving away.
After 10 turns, you'll be able to Disengage, do this and keep on
sailing, you'll get up to full speed in no time if your sails start out
sparkly, then at full speed, get off the station and stand in the nest.

This can also be done if you can get excellents quickly on Duty
Navigation, but get off it at full speed and you'll never be caught


Okay, you think you're too good to move wood in a sloop? then this is for you.

Same as before, chart, hire, unhire, 1 bilge bot, 2 sail bots + you.
Now, you need to get up to speed, as before - but this time, keep an
eye on carp, when it's a quarter full, get both sailing bots on it and
keep on sailing, this is the way it should stay, you only need
excellents on sails to keep full speed, but as soon as you're attacked,
turn about and go back, same as before.

You will get no warning from them attacking you until you're
actually being attacked, so keep an eye in the top right-hand corner!
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PostSubject: Re: Solo Commod Running   Mon Apr 09, 2007 5:14 pm

Does disengaging often if you are solo memming for example hurt your bnav score? Does it affect your bnav at all?
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Number of posts : 4
Registration date : 2007-03-18

PostSubject: Re: Solo Commod Running   Mon Apr 09, 2007 10:59 pm

Yes, it's less bad if you disengage without damage, but it will cause you to slowly drop your bnav rating, that's one of two reasons you don't want to get caught, the other is that it takes a lot longer if you accept every battle.

Also if you're engaged whilst memming, that pass doesn't count towards the memming.
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PostSubject: Re: Solo Commod Running   Tue Apr 10, 2007 7:50 am

SO that is why my bnav has been so low. I need to have more pillies and less solo mem encounters. I wish they would just stop attacking me and let me see the world...

lol I finally got master.... prolly took me so long because of my obsessive memming...
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PostSubject: Re: Solo Commod Running   

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Solo Commod Running
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